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11 Top Tips For Those Who've Finished Uni

By ChiUniJobs 09 Apr 2018

So you've finished university, and now it's time to enter the real world. It seems scary, I know, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, this could be the start of an exciting new chapter. 

There's a whole world out there, and now that you've finished education, you're free to pursue the life of your dreams.

Here are some top tips to help make the transition from student life to the working world easier. 

Finding Work

The natural progression after finishing university is to find work, but if you've never applied for jobs before, it can be hard to know where to start. So here are some tips on finding work and the application process.

1. Check out different jobs sites

There are so many different job sites out there, and whilst we’re all guilty of having a favourite go-to place to look for jobs, if you broaden your job searches, you’ll broaden your horizons. 

The Careers Portal is a great place to look for graduate opportunities and internships, but we also recommend taking a look at the jobs on Prospects; TargetJobs; Indeed; GRB; LinkedIn Jobs; and Milkround. This way, the number of jobs you can apply for will be limitless!

2. Use your contacts wisely

The phrase ‘it’s who you know’ isn’t always the case, but having the right contacts certainly can help you find great opportunities. Many positions aren’t actually advertised and are simply filled through speculative applications, and recommendations. So if you have any friends in high places, ask around. 

Even if you don’t think any of your acquaintances can be of help, let them know you’re looking for a job, and ask them to look out for any opportunities for you. 

3. Attend employer events

There are several employer events on campus throughout the year, and our advice is, make sure you attend them! 

Many employers come to campus looking for potential candidates for their job openings, and attending the employer events will give you a chance to meet employers in person. This can help you stand out from the crowd, as employers can put a face to the name if you end up applying to any positions.  

4. Spend time on your CV and application forms

When applying for a job, the first mistake a lot of people make is rushing the application process. It might not be particularly interesting, and it might get a little frustrating, especially if you’ve sent off several applications already, but make sure you put time and effort into each application. 

Remember your CV or your application form is the first impression an employer will get of you!

5. Target your applications

Even if you’ve got a standard CV or cover letter template, try and tweak it for each application. Employers will be looking for applicants that meet all of their requirements, so make sure your application shows examples of how and why you’re perfect for the role. 

6. Perfect your LinkedIn profile

More and more employers are turning to LinkedIn to find potential candidates, and some graduates are even headhunted via this platform. 

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, and make sure it shows you as a desirable professional, and who knows, it could lead to some exciting opportunities. 

Employers will often check your LinkedIn profile before hiring, and some will even check your other social media profiles, so make sure all of your social media profiles are employer-friendly!

7. Consider all your options after your degree

You’ve successfully completed your degree, and now there are so many different routes you can take! Consider all of them, so that you choose the path that suits you best! 

Use Careers & Employability to get the help you need

If you're finding the transition from university life to the working world stressful, remember you can always get help from the university's careers and employability team (even after graduating). Here are some tips on how they can help you find your feet!

8. Remember you can always get 1:1 advice, even after graduating

Even though you’ve finished your degree, you can still contact the careers team at any point. We’ll still be here over summer, and of course throughout term time as well, so if you need any advice or application help, get in touch!

9. Visit the Careers Centre and Job Hunting Desk!

If you want to talk to us without booking an appointment, feel free to drop by our Careers Centre and Job Hunting Desks in the LRCs. 

You can also book a 40-minute appointment with a professional Careers Consultant to discuss your ideas or concerns in depth. 

10. Book a mock job interview!

For many people, the interview is the hardest part of a job application. It’s hard to freeze up when asked questions you don’t know, and it’s hard to prepare for interviews if you haven’t had many before. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Book a mock job interview with us, through the Careers Portal and we’ll make sure you're ready and confident for your interview. 

11. Apply for a professional mentor

Entering the world of work can be scary, so why not seek assistance from someone who’s been in your shoes, and is now successfully navigating a career? To apply to have a professional mentor you can talk to us at the job hunting desk or email us at

Your Future Starts with You!

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