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An evening with Maisie Williams

By ChiUni 07 Jan 2019

On Friday 19 January the Dance department hosted Maisie Williams to talk Game of Thrones, how dance helped with her acting career and her new app Daisie. For more information on our Dance department, visit

"I trained in Ballet between 8-16 and in so many other styles of dancing. Picking up choreography is something only some people can do and it really helped with the fighting scenes. Being so aware of your body is such a help in physical scenes."

"My life has changed through the people I've met and having the opportunities to be part of their world. Unless you're making your own work you're always going to be part of someone else's world and so you have to focus on how you can make it personal to you."


"Collaboration to me is what my entire career is. If I can help people understand what collaboration is and help with that, and create new opportunities and put the power back in their hands. It's so difficult to break into the creative industry."

"LinkedIn is not for creative people. Instagram can profile your work and people can share it but the content is so limited and all about popular culture. It can be quite a lonely place. We took the best parts of both apps and created something new."


"We took the idea of connectivity on projects - it's something for people to use to run projects from start to finish. We hope it's a positive experience - it's not always about the end point of the project, you have to have a great time making things and show the inner workings."

"We've created a system where you can support and fund each other, and that's so exciting. We don't want it to be about people succeeding because they are rich."


"It always sucks when your friend gets a role over you. It's hard not to compare yourself to the person who got it, particularly physically. You know the role is right for you but someone else gets it, and it can get to you. Know what you offer and who you are is authentic and special and it's a decision they made. Hold onto that, be honest with yourself - don't change yourself to be something else. One day it will be enough."


"We really are going for people that are studying and know what the want to do, but are terrified about making a career out of it, we're collecting content right now for our website and hopefully it's super inspiring."

"It's places like this that Daisie will grow from. Everyday you get to create and work on something and be free and creative, when you're going for jobs it's never gonna be like that again. Enjoy every moment that you have here and I wish everyone all the best of success."

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