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Apply for Student Finance

By ChiUni 10 Mar 2020

It's time for new full-time undergraduate students to apply for student finance! 

It's quick and easy to apply online - all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Register online - create your account
  2. Fill in the application - you'll need your passport, bank details and National Insurance number. You don't need to have confirmed your place for university before applying, you can apply for your first choice and then change the details later if you need to! 
  3. Provide evidence - it is important to provide all evidence that Student Finance England ask for, it may delay your application. 

It can take up to 6 weeks to process your application so the earlier you apply, the better! It will take around 30 minutes to complete the application form so make sure you have enough time and do it on a computer/laptop to avoid making mistakes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our student money adviser team on stumoneyadv@chi.ac.uk

If you are a continuing student, you can reapply by logging into your existing online account

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