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Clearing Profile - Georgina Gardiner

By ChiUni 30 Jul 2019

  1. What’s your name? Georgia Gardiner 
  2. How old are you? 22
  3. Where are you from? North West London (Ruislip)
  4. What is your degree? Primary Teaching with Subject Specialism (English)
  5. What circumstances led you to entering Clearing? I had been to an interview at Chichester and was successful, however I didn't put it as my top two choices because of the distance from home. After much deliberation between two universities, I decided that I saw myself at Chichester. I then called up the clearing line and was greeted by Carol Biggnel, who asked me a few questions and was so helpful and calming, in that stressful situation. 
  6. Did you do any preparations or research before results day? I had been to an open day and an interview at Chichester. I also was following their instagram and twitter pages to keep up to date with anything going on. 
  7. Who helped you go through Clearing? The head of my course at the time, was very helpful when I went through clearing. She asked me a few refresher interviews questions but it was posed more as a conversation. Then once I secured my place, the email correspondence was fast and informative of what the next steps were. 
  8. How did you find out what courses were available? After seeing UoC on the league table, I researched their website and saw the available courses there. 
  9. What was the main reason for choosing the course you chose? I chose my course because of the option to graduate with a specialism in your title, this is unlike some universities. Also the timing of the work placements, as they are every year and fit around your studies.
  10. Did you find a place to live easily? Yes, they assured me on the phone that I was guaranteed accommodation. However, for a few weeks, I was set to live on the BOC, but then I got moved to BRC as this is favourable to my course. 
  11. How has your time at university been? Have you enjoyed your course? I have just finished my degree at Chichester, and I have loved every second. Having such an active role in an excellent university is something I will miss greatly. The whole moral on both campuses always seems to be upbeat and positive. With it being a smaller university, there is definitely a sense of community which made joining very welcoming. My course has enabled me to come the most effective teacher I can be and I will be forever grateful to the lecturers who have taught me everything I know, thus far. 
  12. What would be your top tip for students in the lead up to Results Day? Do as much research as possible! Join all the Facebook groups, follow the Twitter/Instagram pages, as it makes you feel like you are there before you have arrived! Ask as many questions as possible to staff or existing students, everyone is more than happy to help. Also, even if you don't stick at it all year (due to placements etc), try a society or two! See what suits you best, think outside your comfort zone! I tried Aerial Circus and Volleyball, both of which I loved and it made my bond with Chichester even stronger. 

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