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I had a Skype interview to get into university!

By ChiUni 08 Nov 2019

Ingrida Daugnoraite, Fine Art

I wanted to apply for Fine Art at the University of Chichester but I didn't have a chance to physically attend the interview on the days that it was happening - I was beyond happy that I still had the chance to have an interview via Skype!

I was nervous before the interview, but as it progressed the tutor that was interviewing me made sure I felt comfortable. For the interview I had to prepare a portfolio of my work and talk through it - I had prepared my portfolio well and had to discuss it, so it wasn't very difficult. I was very happy after my interview because at the end of it, I was told that I got the offer. 

I did apply to other universities however it was hard to prepare my portfolio for them since they didn't specify what I should be including in portfolio. Chichester was very specific with what you should include in portfolio and what you should prepare to talk about in interview which made me feel more relaxed. 

For all of those that will have their interviews, I want to wish good luck and you got this! Just be confident about your work and you'll get in. 

Chichester was definitely my first choice even before the interview, but it made it even more clear that I want to study there following the interview. I enjoy my course so much because of great tutors. They always support me, they are happy to share their knowledge and give any advice whenever I need it. The course group isn't very big, so we all know it each other and that just makes it feel like one big family!

Even though I'm just in my second year, I have already made important relationships that have helped me be part of a few exhibitions outside the University.

This course helped me find my own art style,  I was able to try and do things I never thought I would be doing. I started doing art by simply drawing fanarts of people that I admire, but because of the course I was able to try sculpture, oil painting and textiles and that totally changed my approach to art! Now I'm more experimental, I like to incorporate sculpture and textile elements into painting, and often even making installations, which I would have never thought I would enjoy making so much. So overall, the course expands and opens new possibilities of different ways you can create art, not to mention the new skills that you develop throughout the course. 

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