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International Men's Day 2019

By ChiUni 18 Nov 2019

We are so honoured to have an institution full on inspirational staff and students! On International Men's Day, we want to celebrate all the inspirational male influences in our University who continuously raise awareness for current issues, fundraise for important causes and promote positive change. 

1. Eddy Hounsell, PE & Sports Coaching student

Last year Eddy bravely posted a video of himself on his Instagram (below) openly talking about his mental health, what he has experienced throughout his life that people may not know and why it's so important to lift the stigma of male's mental health. The response he had from posting the video has been remarkable by receiving a lot of support and changing the culture of men's mental health not just at the University of Chichester but across the UK. 

His video caught attention of Movember to which Eddy is now an official ambassador for and has inspired so many students to partake in Movember events to raise money and awareness. The next event coming up is the Bognor sea run which will involve staff, students and members of the public running into Bognor sea for 60 seconds to represent a man taking his own life every 60 seconds.

2. Nathan Abbott, Digital Marketing student

Nathan was born with a cleft palate and had his first operation at 4 days old. He was unaware there were others in the world who also suffered from having a cleft palate, especially in third world countries. From this point on, he decided to raise money and awareness through open water endurance swimming and fundraising events to help fund doctors to go to third world countries and perform the surgery on children that can't afford it. Nathan has raised over £30,000 to this date for smiletrain and was nominated for a Pride of Britain award for his fundraising efforts last year. 

He recently flew to the Philippines with smiletrain to visit some of the children that he has helped over the years and see the living conditions they have to deal with on a daily basis. 

View this post on Instagram

❣️ Gift of a Smile ❣️ . Sorry I haven't got round to posting too much, I have absolutely tonnes of photos and videos to share with you all, but I won't hit you all in one to. 👀 . This was a part of day one in the Phillipines and my first day to ever get to meet cleft children from a developing area of the world. 😲 . Since I was 16, I have spent so long with thinking about the children and parents and what they must go through, it is their very strength and courage that I think of when I have bad days. 🥰 . Fundraising for Smile Train has allowed these children to receive vital surgery and comprehensive care that will ultimately change their lives forever. 👌 . On this day, I spent a lot of it giving out teddy bears with a matching cleft stitch to each of the children thanks to @cuddlesforclefts sending them to support my trip with @smiletrainuk ❣️ . It has been an extremely overwhelming few days but it has only fuelled my desire to make more of an impact on the cleft community around the world. 🙏 . So please, like, leave a comment and share this absolutely adorable baby and her mother to raise awareness for such an incredible cause. 👋 . @smiletrainph @smiletrain . #journeyofsmiles #cleftlip #cleftlipandpalate #cleftpalate #cleftstrong #cleftcutie #baby #transformation #maxillofacial #phillipines #hospital #happy #smile #cute #instadaily #gift #giveback #fundraising

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3. Perry Northeast, Coach Development Officer

Having been heavily involved with men's beach soccer for a number of years, Perry started a women's beach soccer team in Portsmouth with minimal support and funding. He has been extremely successful in putting Women's Beach Soccer on the map with numerous European championship appearances under his belt and one of his players, Alumna Sarah Kempson, winning the first ever Women's Beach Soccer player of the year in 2017 and having an English player nominated every year since. 

He was announced as Team GB's head beach soccer coach and took the first ever Team GB Women's Beach Soccer team to the World Beach Games in Qatar in October, winning Silver. He has big plans for the sport, with gold in his sights. 

4. Mo Ekundayo & Joe Paveley, UCSU President and Vice-President

Mo and Joe (MoJoe) have hit the ground running in the time in office as the Students' Union sabbatical officers. They have big plans to help break the stigma of Men's Mental Health and increasing inclusivity and diversity across not just the University, but across the whole local area. 

Their recent campaign #GiveAnX has been extremely well received as they are encouraging all students to register to vote as the 18-24 vote has been severely down in previous elections. 

5. Dr Andrew Smith, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary History and Politics

Andrew's research interrogates concepts of nationalism and the way that ordinary people engage in politics, culture and society, with a particular focus on where that engagement crosses borders, re-thinks the nation, and imagines the future.

Andrew is often seen on various news channels talking through the latest of Brexit and the implications that it will have on the UK! 

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