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Let's talk mental health

By ChiUni 04 Mar 2020

We are extremely proud to have so many students openly talking about mental health to help raise awareness and promote mental health at University. As a University, we take pride in the amount of support we offer students through academic advisors, professional student support services and our friendly community-feel across both of our campuses!

Crystal Turner-Brightman

First year Theatre student Crystal is currently in her second semester and has openly spoken about feeling homesick being the first time she's moved away from home. In her vlog, she speaks about the struggles she's had and how she has overcome them.

Eddy Hounsell

PE and Sports Coaching student Eddy posted a video opening up about his mental health experiences and the importance of breaking down the barriers faced of being a male struggling with mental health. His openness was hugely praised as Eddy began to break the stigma of male mental health across both of our campuses and quickly caught the attention of Movember, to which Eddy is now an official ambassador. 

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Liv Hughes

Second year Politics and Philosophy & Ethics student Liv has frequently used the student support services at the University having had news from home heavily affect her mental health whilst at University. She explains the importance of reaching out to friends and mental health professionals in times of struggle and how this has helped her achieve a more positive outlook. 

Charlotte Marks and Lizzie Speller

Charlotte and Lizzie are both Psychology students and have written a blog on ways to better your mental health. Charlotte recently had a close friend take her own life and wants to show the importance of breaking down stigmas of mental health. Mental health is important to Lizzie as she was diagnosed with an eating disorder in 2012 and didn't have much awareness of mental health prior to this. 

Their blog explores all the simple ways to better your mental health and wellbeing, the importance of taking care of yourself as a priority and shows that you don't need to be an expert to help out others. 

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Students' Union - Row Britannia challenge

Students' Union sabbatical officers Mo and Joe (MoJo) are continuously campaigning to raise awareness of mental health. They are leading the university in the Row Britannia challenge to row 2020 miles by Friday 13 March to raise awareness of student mental health and raising money for Sport Relief and student mental health charities. 

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