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My Early Childhood Studies interview experience

By ChiUni 08 Nov 2019

Lauren Huyzer, Early Childhood Studies

When I was first invited for an interview with the University of Chichester, I was both really excited but nervous at the same time. At the time it was my first interview for a university course and so I had nothing to compare it to. All the participants were told to meet at the SIZ building which meant that we all gathered together and didn’t have to wonder around campus trying to find where we needed to be. We were met by Nikki, the programme coordinator, and another lecturer who were both really welcoming and friendly.

After we met at the SIZ, Nikki led us on a quick campus tour, helping us to familiarise ourselves with where we needed to be for the day. I remember feeling more comfortable the longer we walked around and as Nikki talked about the University and all we would be experiencing if we joined UOC. We were all led to a room where a presentation about the course and the lecturers involved with Early Childhood. It was really informative and gave us all the chance to come up with any possible questions we may have about the course and the University. All the staff were really friendly and approachable which helped to calm my nerves a little more before it was time for my interview.

I remember my interview vividly. It was led by Chris Smethurst who I had found out was the Head of the department. That made the nerves even more real, but he was really friendly and put me at ease as soon as he started speaking. My interview was really relaxed, it seemed more of a conversation than a formal interview, which helped keep me calm throughout.

I had two other interviews after UOC and neither of them were as comfortable nor as relaxed as Chichester’s, that played a huge role in my decision as to where to attend university. My other interviews felt really rushed and almost as if they just wanted information about my A-Levels and my suitability to Early Childhood studies whereas Chichester’s interview felt more focused on my personality and what my interests were surrounding children and the possible futures I could see my course taking me.

After my interview Chris walked me back to the Otter’s restaurant on campus where my parents could see how excited I was that the interview had gone so well. I just felt utter relief at how well it had gone and how friendly everyone had been.

My advice for other who have an interview coming up is:

  • Read up a little about the course, this gives you peace of mind that everything being introduced isn’t going to overwhelm you.
  • Everyone coming to the university is in the same position as you are, get to know them and you’ll soon find others who are just as nervous to be there. I met one of my closest friends at the interview and putting myself out there was the best decision to make.

Everyone is so welcoming in Chichester that there is no need to be nervous at all. As hard as it seems to do that there is really nothing to worry about as the course is as amazing as the lecturers are, which is pretty amazing! 

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