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My world-record attempt placement year has begun!

By ChiUni 31 Jan 2019

Outdoor Adventure Education student Cameron Southey is attempting to become the youngest motorcyclist to circumnavigate around the world during his placement year! He will be documenting his world-record attempt via blogs!

The trip has begun!

This is the end of the first day in France (technically trip day two) and I’m tented up in a great little campsite called Camping les Grebes du lac de Marcenay - have a look on google maps and definitely drop in if you are ever in France! 🇳🇱 there is an indoor tree growing through the floor and live entertainment provided by the campers! Awesome 🙂

I’ve already been greeted with free food and beer; homemade soup, stir fry and pancakes to be precise. It was very welcome after being on the road from 0600 till 2000! 🥗

It was 36 degrees Celsius the whole way down today, absolutely baking in my riding suit and all of my chocolate melted! Disaster. It makes the thunderstorm that I’m sitting in now very welcome though, and it’s a free wash for the bike 😉 now I just need to find one for myself!

Check out some photos from the first day, I unintentionally found the same bench that I sat on and took a photo of two years ago, so I took a photo of it again for nostalgia’s sake.

In other news, the bike turned 21 (thousand miles) old today, French mosquitos hurt and I have started a beard - more embarrassing photos to follow.

All in all, great first day in France - looking forward to many many more! 🏍

If you'd like to keep updated with Cameron's journey on a more regular basis - follow his Facebook page Adventure Potential!

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