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Pride and LGBTQ+ support!

By ChiUni 25 Jun 2019

BY: Olivia-Grace Earl, LGBQ+  SU Officer

Pride is an inclusive celebration of all things different and queer. We celebrate pride as it’s a month of inclusivity and love for those who feel like they have not been historically accepted or represented. We should celebrate pride to show acceptance and love in a community that has always and still faces a lot of hate just because people are being their authentic selves. It is a way to distinguish love and separate hate as well as show respect for those LGBTQ+ individuals and groups that have fought and are still fighting for human equality regardless of gender identity/expression and/or sexual preference.

There are so many reasons we should celebrate pride, and you should whether you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community or not! Pride is a celebration for everyone to feel equal and loved and accepted and everyone should celebrate that! It’s only for love after all! 

The LGBTQ+ community in the University of Chichester is much broader than one may think. Chichester is often a place where people experiment and figure out their true sexuality and gender expression and therefore it is a place that has lots of people around who can support you if you’re needed. I do however believe that we still have much further to go in terms of bringing the community together and giving us more space to freely be who we authentically are and that’s my aim this year! 

My plan this year above all else is to make sure that queer people in Chichester don’t feel like an afterthought and feel included in any decisions made by the SU committee. I plan on giving them more representation than previous years as well as being there for anyone who needs me! I’d much like to find new and interesting ways to incorporate Pride into university events, including more LGBTQ+ inclusive nights out and sober socials as well if there is a demand for it.

Mostly, I wanted to do this role so that I could be a voice for the queer students as well as a supportive role model, friend and ally to anyone who feels they need the support in their time this year. 

I chose to study at Chichester because it was a city far away from home so I could throw myself out of my comfort zone. I chose this university and course because I thought the facilities, accommodation and opportunities shown to me were ones that I could thrive in and enjoy at University. I didn’t want to live in a busy city or a small town and Chichester was perfect for me. With an easy commute to London, Brighton, Portsmouth and many many beaches, there was so much to do surrounding the area I just couldn’t refuse! 

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