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TOP TIPS: For singers to combating performance anxiety

By ChiUni 16 Sep 2019

BY: Georgia Pressley

  1. Arrive early to the venue you singing at - It is always best to arrive early to the venue/place you are going to be performing at; you can get your bearings therefore feeling a little bit more comfortable with your surroundings
  2. Bring water - Always bring water to any gig you are doing as it allows you to stop your throat getting too dry as you are singing, it makes the performance a lot easier especially if you are doing multiple songs
  3. Do a few warm ups - Make sure that you warm up an hour or even half an hour before the performance so that your voice is ready
  4. Bring an extra copy of your score - Extra copies will relieve you of the stress of searching for that score, it will allow you to also have a way of reassuring yourself of the song that you are doing
  5. If you can find a room to stretch before performing - Doing some stretching exercises will allow your muscles to stretch and prepare your body for the performance that you are about to do
  6. Avoid  back stage chatter -  It drains energy and can scatter your mind before the performance may also increase your nerves. Of course greet the other performers but try to avoid unneeded chatter.  
  7. Listen to some soothing music - If you have your iPod or another device with your favourite music on it take a few minutes to sit down and listen to it.  
  8. Make sure that your backing track is working/possibly do a microphone check - Allow time before the performance to do a mic check then you can be assured that the backing track is working and have a chance to practice your song on stage.
  9. Take a few deep breaths - Allow yourself a few minutes to take deep breaths and let the nerves out.
  10. Remember why you love to sing or why you are doing the performance - Take a few moments to remember why you love to sing, all the reasons it is important to you and most importantly why you are doing this performance.

All these tips may help you to combat performance anxiety and I wish you all the best with your future performances!

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