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Use the safety bus late at night!

By ChiUni 01 Sep 2020

Been working late in the library? Out for a night in the SU? Our Student's Union run an incredible Safety Bus service during term time to make sure students get home safely! 

It costs only £1 to be dropped right to your front door and runs the whole way through the evening until late to make sure everyone gets home! The bus departs from outside the LRC/SIZ. 

For students living off campus the bus will do pick-ups to come onto campus between 8pm and 10pm only, subject to availability. To request a pick-up, text the bus on 07867385261 or 07769553998 giving your name, location and preferred time and the driver's assistant will get back to you (please note the phones are not monitored during the day before 8pm.)

It's one of the best/easiest services that could be offered to students so why not take advantage!