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My Football Coaching interview experience

By ChiUni 12 Dec 2019

Gaby Hobday, Football Coaching and Performance

My interview at the University of Chichester was the first I had attended so when I arrived on campus I was really nervous! As I saw other people arriving and they were all dressed smarter than me which made me even more nervous in case I gave the wrong impression. However, as the interview began I felt way more relaxed and comfortable talking about things! 

It started off with an informal group conversation to start with to kind of break the ice, this instantly made me feel more relaxed as I started to get to know others that were also at the interview, speak to current students that are on the course and realise how friendly the lecturers were. We were then put into groups of 3/4 for a more casual interview and then we had a more detailed interview in 2's.

The interview made so much of an impact when it came to deciding where to attend. It showed an insight into what life at the uni is like and allowed me to instantly see that the staff and students are friendly and welcoming. It made me realise how much I wanted to go to a campus based university as this is what made me most comfortable.

My advice for others who have an interview coming up is:

  • Try to anticipate some of the questions that might be asked - don't be afraid to 'big yourself up', the only way they'll know how good you are and whether you'd suit the course is if you talk about all the experiences you've had!
  • Ask questions to the lecturers and current students - they're the people who will give you the most relevant and honest answers.
  • Ask for a campus tour if there isn't one set up to see the different types of accommodation options and facilities that are available to students.

Coming to the University of Chichester was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I have had so many opportunities, especially being a coach within women's football through the FA Women's High Performance Centre, played sport at a good level through SU Sports Clubs and external teams and made friends for life. 

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