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Sian Burrowes at Graduation


Sian Burrowes - Chichester memories #1

By ChiUni 15 Jul 2020

Sian Burrowes - BA (Hons) PE in the Primary Years (2015-2018) & PGCE Primary (2018-19)

Favourite course memory

I have so many favourite memories, but if I had to choose my favourite course memory is definitely the PESC games where first and second year PE students play against each other in a range of sports in the second semester! It's a great chance to get to know people in different years and is SO much fun. Each week we do a big social with both years to play more fun games to get to know each other and go to the SU bar together! 

a group of people playing a sport

Favourite society memory

I was in the Women's Football and Women's Rugby teams throughout my 3 years, I loved being a part of a team as you meet likeminded people and instantly form a friendship group of amazing people. I loved playing competitively each Wednesday, especially away trips as we'd normally share a coach with another Chichester team! My favourite society memory would be going on Tour with Women's Football, the 24 hour coach journey is slightly gruelling... but also made so much fun by the people you're with! It's a nice break from University surrounded by all your favourite people. 

a group of young people playing a game of football

Favourite SU event

I loved RAG Race. An all day event around Bognor Regis in fancy dress with your closest friends, whilst raising a load of money for charity - what more could you want! Wednesdays normally have good fancy dress however RAG race is the next level, everyone puts so much effort into their outfits. 

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Favourite local place

I love living so close to the beach, especially when it's a sunny evening. It's the perfect place to chill on your own or with friends to watch the sunset, have a BBQ and a dip in the sea!

a person standing on a beach with a sunset in the background

Overall experience

Chichester has the best family feel and is definitely my second home. You can't turn a corner without seeing a familiar face around campus and that's what I love, the lecturers genuinely want to help you achieve and know all their students by name which makes you settle in so quickly. 

My undergraduate course naturally progresses onto the PGCE courses to become a qualified teacher and I didn't have to think twice about continuing at Chichester. The PGCE suited me because although it is very full on from the off, it allows you to be yourself and use your own creativity to develop your teaching style. It teaches you about the key points in the curriculum as well as the non-academic important parts of being an effective teacher. It encourages individuality and is very open to new ideas whilst maintaining a high expectation of work and effort from all people no matter where you came from. It suited me because it challenged me and made me realise why I wanted to be a teacher and showed me what I would need to improve on to be a great teacher.

I now have a full-time Primary teacher job at one of my PGCE placements which shows the excellent connections and reputation the University of Chichester has on the local schools in West Sussex and Hampshire.

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