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World Environment Day

By ChiUni 04 Jun 2019

When I visited Chichester University I loved the sense of community it showed as well as the sense that the Student Union really had a voice at the University and encouraged positive change through the students perspective. My course Tourism Management has a heavy influence of sustainability, and I am able to focus my studies on the environmental impacts and opportunities within the tourism sector which I enjoy. 

I am really looking forward to making a difference, and a long lasting one. I want to implement a positive environmental legacy, that the students are proud of. I have two main objectives I want to try introduce;

  1.  To implement wildlife patches and bee hotels across both campuses, by sectioning off areas to allow wild flowers and insects to thrive.
  2. To encourage less use of paper at the university, by both students and lecturers. 

I think there is a massive misconception that it is hard to be more environmentally/eco friendly.

A few things I constantly think about when buying/using anything is reduce, reuse, recycle and these three words are actually a hierarchy, so try and reduce as many single use plastics for example, reuse any packages, glass jars or paper and lastly recycle anything that is left.

I think the main thing is just to be more aware of the waste that you're using, and being more conscious about their impacts on the environment. More specifically things that students can do is to turn off plugs, computers and lights when leaving their house or the library. Buy reusable cups for coffee/tea and other drinks. And lastly try and use public transport such as the free university bus, as it cuts down on emissions and your personal carbon footprint. 

I am in the process of starting an environmental society, and I'm hoping this society can encourage change and also group together to attend protests for example the extinction rebellion protests.

There are loads of people being activists at the university and I want to bring them all together to try and make a larger impact whilst bringing awareness to the university and the wider community! I am hoping with my new position in the SU can cause a positive catalyst for the change wanted discussed within the society. Please let me know if you would like to join by email or Facebook!

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